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Individual Consultations


Here is how it works:

The journey begins with where you are! If information relating to aromatherapy and what essential oils can do for you is your starting point - let's have a initial consultation.  If you are experienced and already utilize essential oils, or ready to jump in as a beginner, Cosmic Aromatics can enhance your journey to holistic wellness with synergistic blends meant for you!

What to expect at an intitial consultation:

Your intialial consultant offers you an opportunity to ask questions and learn about how aromatherapy can support you and your specific wellbeing concerns.

What to expect at a full consultation:


Your aromatherapy consultation starts right after you purchase a session with filling out our Aromatherapy Client Intake Form. This form is IMPERATIVE to a successful consultation. Our Aromatherapy Client Intake Form will give us a background on your health history, such as current medications, allergies, and sensitivities, and what your goals are for the consultation. Please know, we never share your private information! Sharing this information with us is of utmost importance to ensure we make you a safe essential oil blend and that there are no potential adverse reactions between our essential oils and your current health state. Essential oils may be natural, but they are potent! Filling out and submitting the Aromatherapy Client Intake Form allows us to focus on your immediate concerns right from the start of our consultation. All initial intake consultations are booked for 30 minutes but may run longer depending on your individual issues and concerns. Any consultation bookings that do not submit the Aromatherapy Client Intake Form within 24 hours of their scheduled consultation appointment will be canceled and refunded.


    • What happens during my consultation?


Once we receive the Aromatherapy Client Intake Form, we will review your information and begin a file for you. During your consultation, we will discuss in depth your current health and wellness goals. We will explore the various routes of administration for an aromatherapy blend, choosing one that works best for your current situation, future wellness goals, and personal preferences.We will also go over safe use of your aromatherapy blend and how best to utilize it to reach your goals, including duration and frequency of use.


    • What happens after the consultation ends?


Once your one-on-one consultation with our Registered Aromatherapist is over, she will prepare your specialized custom aromatherapy blend. Your consultation fee includes one (1) small product free of charge shipped directly to you. You will receive your product with a recap of the wellness goals you discussed, detailed directions on how, when, and where to use your product, a brief synopsis explaining the essential oils used in your blend and why they were chosen. Follow up consultations are very important to tailoring your aromatherapy blends the way YOU need! Aromatherapy is not a "one size fits all" process and we want to ensure you can meet your wellness goals. Some blends may be perfect the first time. Other times we may need a few tweaks here and there, or a complete overhaul. This is why booking your follow up is so important!​​​​

When should I use my complimentary follow-up consultation?

We typically recommend a follow-up consultation be done within 2-4 weeks, depending on your wellness goals, but this follow up can be done sooner if any issues arise. This allows us to note what may and may not be working for you and to tailor your next product appropriately. After your first complementary product, we will work out a special pricing for your custom blend depending on the essential oils used, type of product, and size of product you would like to order. This will all be gone over in detail during your follow up consultation.

Ongoing Consultations

If you are already an aromatherapy client, on going consultations are available at a lower rate than the initial consultation fee as we already have your history. On going consultations are on an "as needed" basis, whether that be to continue tailoring a blend for your initial wellness goal or for new goals that may come up along the way. On going consultations are booked for 30 minute slots and may be shorter, or longer, depending on your needs.


Points to remember about your aromatherapy consultation:

We are NOT trained or licensed medical professionals. We cannot diagnose, cure, prescribe, or treat any medical issues. We will always recommend seeking a licensed, trained medical professional for health issues and concerns so that you can receive proper diagnosis and medical care. Aromatherapy, like other holistic modalities, is a complimentary holistic therapy. It is not intended to cure or treat medical issues but rather to support the mind/body connection during times of need.

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